10:00 AM Saturday, November 27th, 2021
507 Bruce St, verona, wi

Growing up on the farm I just loved the holidays. Lights strung in fine detail. Snow falling out on the lawn. It was a warm & cozy time of year with the smell of my mom baking feverishly. My mom also loved to decorate and craft all year; however the winter holiday season just seemed the best part, in my memory.

The idea of a holiday market started in 2019 here at #507brucestreet with my first Bruce Street Market : Last Call. From wall to wall the building was full of makers & vendors, holiday cheer and all that holiday times bring. Experiencing the last year brought the idea to move this market outside to invite everyone into a safe environment to experience what I feel during the end of each year. Being of German heritage, holiday markets also intrigued me. I have not had the chance to visit a true Christkindlmarkt in Germany or Austria (on that to-do list!), however visiting a few here in the states I felt the energy to bring one here to the area. Thus the beginning of Christkindlmarkt // 2021, right here in Verona, WI.

Personally, being creative and innovative is a thread in my DNA that is pretty strong. Seeing that same DNA in many people I meet and around our community, there are countless creative and amazing makers/vendors and food/drink connections. I love providing the opportunity for others to spread their wings and showcase their talents. I feel the market will give this to them and offer you a fantastic experience.

The entire parking lot will be filled with makers, vendors, food, drinks, holiday lights & trees. Meet up at the Christkindlmarkt to kick off this special time of year. I truly hope you enjoy this first year outdoor market.

~ jessica

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Jessica Laufenberg