Bavaria Sausage & Cheese Chalet

6317 Nesbitt Rd.
Madison, WI 53719


Authentic old-world German sausage, perfect for Oktoberfest celebrations, from our kitchen to yours! Over 1,000 authentic German foods and specialty German meat products, including Munich weisswurst, rouladen, sauerbraten, schnitzel and leberkase, plus hundreds of Wisconsin cheeses and imports. Made in our sparkling clean U.S. Government Wurstkuche (sausage kitchen), old-world family recipes are turned into a wide variety of sausage and meat products. All recipes are mixed by hand from traditional, all-natural bulk spices & authentic seasonings just as they always have been! We use NO artificial coloring, flavoring, liquid smoke, fillers or MSG! Never have and never will — It's just that simple. Our Bavaria sausage label proudly displays the "U.S. Government Inspection Seal" of approval. We believe our product and service represents the finest standards of our industry.