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In 1966, a detachment of United States Airmen serving overseas selected Verona as “the perfect example of Hometown U.S.A.”
The men who made the selection were in the 101st airborne of the U.S. Army. Sergeant A. W. Wilson and the men of detachment 3, 3rd RRU, 1st BDE, 101st Airborne Division, U.S. Army were inspired to write about Verona after the community newspaper printed a brief letter from a serviceman whose home was in the Verona area.
The men of the Detachment, under the coordination of Sergeant A. W. Wilson, wrote a letter, which follows, in part:

“I am writing this at the request of the entire detachment. We have come from all over the country to fight in this war to preserve the United States.”
“One of our members is from your town. The spirit shown by the printing of his letter has helped the morale of our unit. It is a rare thing for us to receive any recognition at all, let alone have one of our men, Donald R. Schmid, have a relatively unimportant letter printed.”
“We have chosen your town as the perfect example of Hometown, U.S.A. Though many of us have come from big towns, we have decided that it is the little town that personifies our country. We would be proud if you would allow us to take your town as our own.”
...“We know that there is little we can do for you other than to verbally express our thanks for just being there. If anyone does want information, or anything we can give you, we will be more than happy to comply with your request.”
“We sincerely thank you for your time and your publication.”

The letter was signed by Sergeant A. W. Wilson of the Detachment. Verona felt and continues to feel honored that it was selected as Hometown, USA.